Minting is Open!

We use an ERC-721A smart contract that provides significant gas savings, allowing users to mint multiple PolyGalz for essentially the same gas cost of minting a single NFT.

If your wallet is whitelisted, minting will be automatically set at a reduced price of 99 MATIC.

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Stage 1: Project Launch


PolyGalz are strong, modern women who are the hidden descendants of the ancient Amazons. They battle for the sake of freedom, justice, and decentralization.

This project is the brainchild of the team behind PolyPunks, the premier NFT collection on Polygon.

PolyGalz allows everyone to join the family and gives special privileges to PolyPunks holders.

Each PolyGal inherited unique genes combining the strength of her Amazon foremothers with a legendary modern persona.

The collection contains 10,000 procedurally-generated NFTs living on the Polygon Network, and giving holders access to PolyWRLD, the most ambitious play-to-earn game on Polygon.

The development of PolyWRLD was completed alongside that of the PolyGalz collection. We deliver first!

Each PolyGal was procedurally generated by combining up to 120 unique traits with varying rarity, across five tribes: Human, Alien, CyberPunk, Shaman, Zombie.

Each PolyGal or PolyPunk receives one entry ticket to PolyWRLD!

Upon Mint Out

  • Daily Giveaways
    Fair Raffle

    Holders of PolyPunks and PolyGalz in the same wallet shall be entitled to enter into a raffle, verified by Chainlink VRF. Prizes range from valuable NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

  • Grab Bag
    Access to the Founder's Vault

    PolyPunks + PolyGalz holders shall receive a “grab bag” raffle that entitles them to any NFT in the founder's personal collection.

  • Free Mints for PolyPunks
    Grow with Us

    500 PolyGalz are reserved as a free mint for the PolyPunk community. To be eligible, simply register on the whitelist and hold a Polypunk in your wallet when minting a PolyGal. The mint price will be zero. Free mints will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to hold onto your Punks!

  • Trade Up
    Breed a Higher-Ranked Punk

    Coming soon...

  • Special Referral program
    Earn Passive Income

    Coming soon...



Stage 2: Game Launch


Now that you have your PolyGalz, it's time to play, gather loot, and win...

Verifiably fair and transparent

PolyWLRD is fully on-chain, and is based on transparent smart contracts powered by Chainlink®'s Verified Random Function. It guarantees fair odds to each player, and that no one can stop them from accessing their gains.

A game you can't lose

Each season consists of 6 stages. Each NFT starts the season at stage 1. However, if an NFT becomes locked at a certain stage, it will start the next season at the same stage it was locked at.

Each season has a set % odds of coming back with loot, proceeding to the next step of the adventure, or your NFT gets locked until the next season.

Prize pool distribution

70% of funds are redistributed back to the players whose NFTs made it to stage 6, and 30% of the funds are distributed between the team and the collection treasury for continued project development.

If a winner doesn’t claim their gains within the claiming period, they are added to the next Season’s prize pool.

Season 1

Starts DayZ
Prize Claim 48h
Odds 50%
Toll 25 MATIC

Season 2

Starts TBD
Prize Claim TBD
Odds TBD
Toll TBD

Season 3

Starts TBD
Prize Claim TBD
Odds TBD
Toll TBD

Season 4

Starts TBD
Prize Claim TBD
Odds TBD
Toll TBD

Season 5

Starts TBD
Prize Claim TBD
Odds TBD
Toll TBD


Mint date?

Presale: TBA
Mint: TBA

Mint price?

Whitelist and PolyPunks: 99 MATIC

Public price: 149 MATIC


PolyPunk holders are automatically whitelisted




Drew Founder
Sam Strategy
Nico Artist
Schmex Developer
Mike Marketing
Akara Marketing